Our business is built around fairness, openness and honesty. We have a zero tolerance stance towards bribery and corruption that chimes with our focus on integrity.

We provide clear guidance on what we expect of every staff member though a core set of communications. These help our employees understand our approach to ethics and how we comply with laws, regulations and company procedures that apply to our activities.

We are committed to integrity and ethical business practices as we continue to earn our clients’ trust by delivering outstanding customer service and acting ethically in all that we do.

To this end our objectives are to:

  • Comply with all laws applicable to our business activities.

  • Ensure that business activities are conducted in an ethical manner.

  • Maintain and protect the Company reputation with our Clients, suppliers, contractors, employees and all other parties with whom the Company has dealings or who may be affected by our activities.

  • Act within the codes of conduct and ethics of the pertinent professional institutions such as: